“I got into surfing….

...last summer, when I spent a season in the South-West of France in Hossegor. I’ve been drawn to the surfing culture since I was a teenager, but having been raised in London and Budapest, this lifestyle seemed unattainable to me, and I guess it was easy to get distracted by the noise of the city. Until the past three years which primarily served as a huge turning point. I went through some personal challenges that involved relentless doubts, a ton of questions and endless self discovery… crisis stuff. Though sometimes very challenging, it was this personal growth that eventually lead me to France, surfing and to a truer version of myself; of which I’m incredibly grateful for."



“My passions are…

...being on the road, hiking with my pup, and dancing. I used to train professionally, until “life” came in the way but whenever I took a break I’d soon realise it’s an inevitable part of my being. Moving along to the rhythm creates an intimate connection between my body and soul, and helps me feel grounded and present, allowing me to become one with the moment. I recently just started taking classes again, and it’s so rewarding."



“My favorite adventure so far…

...is when I spent the night in a campervan in Biarritz, to catch my first wave at sunrise. We were ready to go out to the water by 5:30 am, and there was no stopping us despite the cold water and (what seemed at the time) big waves. I was definitely out of my comfort zone as a beginner surfer, but it was an exciting, scary, and a beautifully messy process*. It was a special morning and one I’ll never forget. *Credits go to a special someone for their loving care and support."



“I get inspired by…

...the small things. For me, inspiration lies within the details. Whether it’s someone’s words, the look in their eyes, how the sun touches my skin or the complexity of the ocean. It’s a very personal thing."



“The message I would share with other girls is …

to get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

But never forget it’s okay to take it one step at a time."





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