“I got into motorcycling….

just recently, thanks to my boyfriend who fully supported me – but to be honest I’ve always loved motorbikes, since I was a child. The way they look and sound and make you feel…My love for surfing started last year when we had a trip to Morocco. I adore being in water since I was a pro swimmer previously and when I quit I felt a terrible void.. until I came across surfing."



“My passions are…

…exploring new things and getting into whatever adventure comes my way!"



“My favorite adventure so far…

...ALL OF THEM. I don’t have a particular faviourite, I love all of them really"



“I get inspired by…

...my surroundings – intimate talks with my friends can inspire me as well as traveling or anything that really makes me switch off and be in the present."



“The message I would share with other girls is …

not to be scared to start something new because you can learn the most from the unknown and never ever underestimate yourselves!"





A girls club celebrating the power of the tribe, sisterhood and that courage is contagious.


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