“I got into motorcycling….

about 15 years ago but it was just last year when I got my first bike ever, a vintage Suzuki enduro - thanks to the amazing community I got into and the supporting friends I have. This bike might be tiny but I’m head over heels for it, no surprise I call it ‘Lovechild’. I just purchased my second bike a couple of weeks earlier, super excited to ride it soon!"



“My passions are…

roadtrips, diving and riding a motorcycle. I'm a very hyper and very intense person, it is quite hard for me to slow down although there are times I would love to. However, when I drive, dive or ride my bike, I get easily calm and focused. I feel I am 100% in the moment and able to enjoy every bit of it."



“My favorite adventure so far…

...huh, tough one! I’ve quite some adventures I really enjoyed but if I have to pick one it was when we decided with one of my friends to leave the city behind and to do a spontaneous trip to a very remote area of Hungary, Őrség. We wandered around in the woods, slept in a tent, met a lot of interesting people, got lost - many times actually -, laughed, sang and danced. The best part was we didn't have a destination in our mind, we just wanted to enjoy the road that led there."



“I get inspired by…

...various things - let it be the smell of the flowers in our garden, the sound of my favorite music, a Nayyirah Waheed poem. I'm also very sensitive to the energy of people and places. I get easily inspired by those."



“The message I would share with other girls is …

dare to dream and work for it! It is okay to be scared sometimes or to have doubts but at the end of the day, be certain that it is mostly up to you what you can achieve. Keep your eyes on the prize!"





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